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Carbon Zero Challenge (CZC) aims to trigger novel ideas towards developing carbon neutral systems and grid-free infrastructure to serve five major sectors which are plagued by energy shortages/costs. They are Urban housing, Transportation systems, Industries, Agriculture and Water and Waste management facilities. Grid Free /Carbon neutral Energy alternatives will make a great difference in the performance and economy of these sectors. The challenge is to understand the energy needs of these sectors and develop a sustainable green energy alternative by combination of one or more renewable energy sources.

The grand challenge posed to the competing teams is to develop a grid free alternative system which is economically viable, socially acceptable, environment friendly, and easily replicable in multiple areas.

In case renewable energy is not a part of your solution, you may still go ahead and apply, provided there is sufficient evidence/justification for mitigation of carbon emissions. Also, you may even address sectors not covered in the target areas suggested, with adequate justification.

The projects will be evaluated based on how close they are to being carbon neutral or grid free in terms of minimising GHG emissions and their overall life cycle costs. The metrics used will be output, outcome, impact and value which should be clearly spelt out by the teams.

The competition is open to students and/or early stage entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Puducherry, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The preliminary round invites entries through online submissions following which a maximum of 25 teams will be selected and provided with expert mentorship and prototype funding upto Rs 5 lakhs per shortlisted project would be made available to the team.* to transform their solutions into tangible products.

*terms and conditions apply

Water and Waste Management
Urban Areas/Cities
Agriculture & Forestry
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Team Details

  • Maximum of 5 per team
  • Team members can be students of any recognized university, researchers who are either independent or part of an organization, innovators and early stage entrepreneurs. 
  • All team members must necessarily belong to institutions, or have companies registered in one of the 5 States/UTs covered: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Puducherry and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The contest comprises four-stages

Stage 1 – Registration of teams. This can be done online. (See Next Steps)
Stage 2 – Top 25 teams shortlisted for the mentorship phase
Stage 3 – 6-month mentorship with experts from US and India. This includes expert guidance and financial assistance for developing prototypes.
Stage 4 – Final event during which the shortlisted entries will demonstrate their solutions, and winners will be announced,

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