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Bus Routes Optimization by Team Regulators – T6 – Students from Chennai

Project Highlights

Regulators T6, a students’ team from SSN Engineering College, Chennai chose transportation as their sector.

In the transportation sector, availability of bus and travelling is a major problem. Some buses in a route are extremely crowded and other buses run with not even half its capacity. This disparity is caused because of poor planning. This can be overcome by  proper optimization of bus routes.

Who is Behind this Project?

The team is led by Ms. Karthika Duraisamysekar and the team members are

  • Karthika Duraisamysekar
  • Monisha A

What is the Project all about?

Preference of bus routes is directly proportional to the number of people taking buses. This problem can be solved using GPRS based online hand held Bus ticketing machine in which -tickets, routes, collection information are sent to the central server. The database in the server is analyzed and accordingly the bus routes will be alerted.

Data is to be stored in a structured database. The cloud data becomes ready for analysis. Algorithms are developed to detect the ALERT message, thereby analyzing the needed features in that specific route.

What is the Uniqueness of the Solution?

  • GPRS enabled TVM machine with external port, high storage, and high battery life
  • Automized and digitalized data which is uploaded to cloud
  • Integration of E-vehicles with an upcoming service
  • Decisions are made depending on the vacancy of seats prior to the arrival of bus

What is the Potential Market?

  • Possibly incorporated in Government MTC buses where the services can be extended to private
    bus organizations.
  • Price of the productive service – one paise/ticket

Contact Details:

Mo’ni A – 9176041349


Interested to Know more about this team? Send a note to info@czeroc.com

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